The ETDS takes place on whitsun and in October.

One weekend full of dancing. All ballroom dances and about 500 other students from several european countries and about 30 universities, who likes to dance from germany, netherlands, france, swiss... and now as well from estonia

You should not miss it!!!!!

Here the link to the last ETDS in Berlin in mai 2007, all the tournaments are oranized form student for students. And this page is in english. The next tournament will be in Dortmund (Germany) from 05. - 08. october 2007. The 39th ETDS will be in Kiel (Germany) whitsun 2008 and the 40th will be in Kaiserlautern in Oktober 2008.

Its a weekend with nearly nonstop dancing , less sleep , lots of sparkling vine , a ball with Gala dinner, a blind date party on friday for those without dance partner, about 500 students, who love dancing, a theme party (e.g. pirates, movie or "Bad Taste"), a lot of fun and even more dancing . For more detailed information ask me or Uli or look at the ETDS webpages of Berlin .

The fee for the weekend is about 40Euro (including nearly all meals, but no drinks) and for traveling we will orgnise something.

The registration is always done by the teamcaptain, thats me for Tartu.

The Informations I need for your registration are the following_

Name, Surname,

what kind of tournament you want to participate: ballroom latin and/or ballroom standard. If you ever have danced official tournaments you have to start in the open classes. Otherwise it would be unfair for the others. If you are not sure about the status just ask me or Uli. If you are really creazy about dancing you can do all 4 tournaments.

T-shirt yes or no and size: S, M, L, XL (at every tournament there are T-shirts awailable, but for better calculation you have to order them in advance.)


The fee for the tournament you can transfer to my bank account and I will transfer it from my german account to Berlin, that´s cheaper for you and faster. Only after the moneytransfer the registration is valid.

And this is the challenge cup the winning university can take home for half a year: Der Tanzmaus

We (with 3 other Universities as The Fantastic Four) won him and here some pictures of his journey to Tartu:


For those, who speak german: If you are woundering why it is "Der Tanzmaus" and not "Die Tanzmaus", which would be grammatical correct there is a realy good explanation: Der Tanzmaus is a challenge cup and each university who takes it for half a year adds some cloth or other stuff and the combination is sometimes so weird that we (the participating universities) decided years ago that it has to be a male mouse, because no female being would wear such stuff. So it became "Der Tanzmaus". In english unfortunately there is not such a difference.