Participation call for the ETDS

Hey alltogether,

I´m searching the participants for the ETDS in Dortmund for the team Tartu. The dancemouse I already gave to Regensburg and it will travel further to Karlruhe and Zürich untill it reaches Dortmund. Who is wondering what "the dancemouse" is, please look for the links about the links about the ETDS in general. It is the trophy of the tournament.

For participation in the tournament I need your name, surname, what discipline you want to dance, dancepartner, if you already have danced official tournaments (if yes, than I need your size for the open blind date), if you want a t-shirt (size) and if you want the faculativ supper on saturday. Many details about the tournament you find in the invitation and the links about the ETDS. If you still have questions don´t hesitate to ask me.

The cheapest way of going to Dortmund was at the moment by plane and train. The way to the ETDS via Hamburg and back there are different possibilties, depending when you want to go back.

I can help you to organize the travel tickets, just ask. The later you get you tickets the more expensive they will be.

See you on the dance floor. 

28.8.07 12:07


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