ETDS invitation arrived

The next European Tournament for Dancing Students (ETDS) will be held from 5.-8. of October in Dortmund and the invitation you can find on the homepage of Dortmund (see links on the right hand side).

We will go there again to defend the challenge cup we won (with 3 other universities) there last time and hope you will join our team.

The rules are nearly the same like in Berlin, only the participation rules for the open class are a little different. So in the open class now blind date is obligatory and you can´t choose the partner by yourself. And if you have to dance in one discipline in the open you are now allowed to dance in the Breitensport in the other. All other rules and informations you can find in the invitation or at the webpage (all in english). All dancing students, university related people or participants in our courses can take part in the tournament. If you want to take part in these great event I (Marion) will collect the registrations soon.

The traveling to Dortmund will be either by plane via Berlin and then with the team of Berlin with Bus or by plane to an airport close to Dortmund. We have to figure that out.


27.6.07 09:47


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