Der Tanzmaus

Now some words about "Der Tanzmaus". The dance mouse is over 20 years old and even the oldes participants of the tournaments can´t remeber when he came to us. The only thing that ist sure is that it was before the tournament become the ETDS. Usually in german it would be "die Maus", so a female noun, but already years ago we decided that it must be a male mouse, because the clouth it was wearing a female being would never turn on. So it became "Der Maus", unfortunately this is not really transferable to english.

This week he made his first flight experiences from Berlin to Tallinn (Estonia) and now he is sitting besides me while I´m writing this lines. Some fotos you can find on the additional pages (Zusatzseiten). He really enjoyed the flight, perhaps because he could come close to one of the stewardesses and he had a window seat.

2.6.07 19:15


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