ETDS registration

Berlin (25. - 27.03.2007)

The ETDS is very favoured within the studendship and also the registration deadline is mid of May it could be to late then. Today they reached 433 participants out of 500 from 27 european universities. This is the maximum amount of people they can take. So if you think about a partiticipation you should decide within the next two weeks (until mid of April) otherwise it could be too late.

The ETDS is a organized from students for students.

Its a weekend with nonstop dancing , less sleep , sparkling vine , a ball with a Gala dinner, blind date party, 500 students, who love dancing, a theme party ("Bad Taste"), a lot of fun and even more dancing . For more detailed information ask me or Uli or look at the ETDS webpages from Berlin .

I will bring a video of older student tournaments to the course. We can watch it afterwards.

The costs for us are at the moment about 120 € or about 1900 krones. That would be the flights with easyjet (about 80€ now, price with rise ) from Tallin and 40 € for the weekend including nearly all meals. Perhaps there is a cheaper flight with Baltic air from Riga, you can check it yourself.

The registration is always done by the teamcaptain, thats me for Tartu.

The Informations I need for the registration are the following_

Name, Surname,

what kind of tournament you want to participate: ballroom latin and/or ballroom standard If you ever have danced official tournaments you have to start in the open classes. Otherwise it would be unfair for the others. If you are not sure about the status just ask me or Uli.

T-shirt yes or no and size: S, M, L, XL (at every tournament there are T-shirts awailable, but for better calculation you have to order them in advance. Pictures you can see at the tournament webpage)


The fee for the tournament you can transfer to my bank account and I will transfer it from my german account to Berlin, that´s cheaper for you and faster. Without payment the registration is not valid!!

See you on the dance floor


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