ETDS in May in Berlin

There are now the informations for the next ETDS (European Tournament for Dancing Student) in Berlin in May available. All informations are in english and the tournament will be also in english. The german versions of the invitation you can find on the webpage of Unitanz Berlin. Here you can find also a lot of fotos from former tournaments.

If you want to join these fantastic weekend in Berlin, tell me as soon as possible because as you can see in the conditions there is an early booking discount and if the maximum number of participants is reached the others can´t join. And the flights are cheap now (easyjet).

Uli and I will go and would be happy about any participants who want to join. We have done a lot of these tournaments before and the fun is the biggest part at the weekend. Read the given informations and if you have got questions just let us know.

Don´t worry about your dance level. Until May there is a lot of time and we can do some extra lessons if you want. That shouldn´t be a reason not to go.


22.3.07 15:14


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