another afterball party

For those, who are going to the ball tonight. There will be another afterparty, an inofficial one, but I heard it´s ne cooler one. Decide by yourself:

Here is some information(in estonian though) about the Poslebala (Afterball) in
fraternity Ugala -

Most important information:
Where - fraternity Ugala (http://, Kuperjanovi 16
Price - Free
Begins - at midnight
Ends - in the morning

see you at the ball and at the afterball


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Samba is done before the ball

So we had yesterday the last official lesson of the chrash course and we did the samba already. So you now can dances all dance at the ball. The next day of dancing ist next week thursday (7th december). It´s 3 hours free dancing from 8-11pm. See you tonight at the ball.


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