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for a good information platform I just created a blogg for my university ballroom dance group in Tartu. Most of the important informations I will blogg here so there will be less mails and everyone who is interested can have a look at it.

Here some translations from german to english:

über - about

Gästebuch - guestbook

Zusatzseiten - additional pages

The current course takes place until the university ball on 1st of december twice a week.

Cheers, see you at the next lesson




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University Ball 1st of December

University Ball and Afterparty

friday, 1st of december

Vanemuise kontserdimaja, Tartu


viena waltz, slow waltz, rumba, chacha, quickstep, tango, jive, slowfox

It takes place in the big hall with a band and two smaller ones with e.g. Jazz and a bar.

The tickets are cheapest at student union (besides mainbuilding, Ülikooli 18b): student tickets (150 eeK), 170 eeK for nonstudents

timetable roughly:

entrance open from: 18.30 o´clock

The ball will start at 19.00 o´clock

first speaches: 19.15, after that dancing for all

22.00 "Moulin Rouge" dancegroup Lacrimosa

22.45 "Rebasteater"

23.45 surprise

end of ball: 0.00 o´clock

for more information go to the link


Afterparty (öödisco)

location: Tähe tn 3 (Korporation Rotalias)

Start of after party: 0.00 o´clock

entrance free if you have a ball ticket

first 300 guests get a gift (Red bull, A le coq)

end of the afterparty: in the morning...

live band, various kind of music

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Crash course info

Crash course Ballroom Dancing

November 2006

8x 2 hours

tuesday and thursday 8 -10 pm

Jakobi 5 - 202 (väike saal)

course fee: 50 eek per student and 70 eek per nonstudent


Please don't wear your normal street shoes in the small hall, so please separate shoes or just dance with socks. You can use the dressing room at the other end of the corridor. Good idea is if you bring something to drink with you.

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Ball and dresscode

The dresscode is a good topic to talk about for hours or for men just a minute.

Several of the participants asked me about the dresscode at the ball beause it is their first ball.

At the estonian balls the dresscode seems to be the same like in other europea countries.

So what you find here are my suggestions from the experience of the balls I participated.

So let´s start with men:

Best will be a dark suit or at least a dinnerjacket and fitting shoes (best are black). If you don´t have a suit take best black/dark trousers and an elegant jacket. These should be ok as well. Or you can lend a suit in one of the three adresses below.

You should also have a tie or a bo tie (german: Fliege).

Never: blue jeans, T-shirt, sportshoes with white socks etc.!

You want to impress the ladies, don´t you?

And now the ladies:

A ballroomdress with fitting shoes would be wonderfull, but I guess non of the excange students took one with them.

So you can lend a dress at the mentioned places below or a good skirt with a nice blouse or top will be ok as well. In combination with a nice coloured scarf or necklace your costume ist complete.

I was asked if strapless dresses or corsages will fit here in estonia and the answer is Yes. Best is then a combination with a scarf. So you prevent freezing after intensive dancing.

If you want to wear shoes with high heels please make sure that you can walk and dance with them....

Trousers fit only if they are very very suitable (noble and precious) and you don´t have another choice.

Never: sporthoes, T-shirt etc.!

the guys should look up to you!



The most important thing:



Adresses to rent a ballroom dress or a dark suit for the ball:

Theater Vanemuine Costume rental: 744 0125
Küütri Rätsepp (Vanemuine street 52) : 744 1332
Ülikooli 1
51003, Tartu
Tel: +372 7 427 001
Monday - Friday 10.00 - 18.00
Saturday 10.00 - 15.00

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Additional lesson and other dancing in Tartu

In december we will give an additional lesson and for those who want we can show a little bit of the samba.

So diarise thursday, the 7th of december 8-11 pm.

The continuation of the course or a new beginner course will hopefully start in january/ february 2007. Details will come come.

Who wants to watch a ballroom dance competition can do this at the 2. and 3. of december here in Tartu in the A.Le Coq Sport Hall


Already this weekend there is a big IDSF Dance competition in Tallin:

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Extra newspaper for the ball

Now there is an extra newspaper for the ball. You can find it among other places in the hall of the Raatuse dorm. It is in estonian but with many pictures from the last years ball and including the programm and all dances on the second page.  The dances and the programm are now also on the webpage of the ball (see link). So now you are able to dance at least 45 of the nearly 50 dances and this you learned within less than one month. Congratulation!!

The discofox will be at the afterparty.

See you on the floor

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