The 7 Dwarfs won the dancemouse

The trophy of the ETDS was again won by the team where we were participating. This time we choose the name the Seven dwarfs for the seven small university teams which merged together. So the second time in a row the University dancers from Tartu were excellent in the results. We will see what will happen next. time in Kiel. The link to the University of Kiel you can find on the right.

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Participation call for the ETDS

Hey alltogether,

I´m searching the participants for the ETDS in Dortmund for the team Tartu. The dancemouse I already gave to Regensburg and it will travel further to Karlruhe and Zürich untill it reaches Dortmund. Who is wondering what "the dancemouse" is, please look for the links about the links about the ETDS in general. It is the trophy of the tournament.

For participation in the tournament I need your name, surname, what discipline you want to dance, dancepartner, if you already have danced official tournaments (if yes, than I need your size for the open blind date), if you want a t-shirt (size) and if you want the faculativ supper on saturday. Many details about the tournament you find in the invitation and the links about the ETDS. If you still have questions don´t hesitate to ask me.

The cheapest way of going to Dortmund was at the moment by plane and train. The way to the ETDS via Hamburg and back there are different possibilties, depending when you want to go back.

I can help you to organize the travel tickets, just ask. The later you get you tickets the more expensive they will be.

See you on the dance floor. 

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Registration for ETDS

If you want to join our team for the best dance tournement for students, than please contact me. All information about the ETDS in generall and about the next one in October in special you can find on the blog or via the links. Please remember the registration deadlines. I would like to send the list before the 15th of September!!! So I need your binding registration including the application fee (660eeK) until the 12th of September. Later it will cost you 705 eeK and I can´t guarantee for a place.

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ETDS invitation arrived

The next European Tournament for Dancing Students (ETDS) will be held from 5.-8. of October in Dortmund and the invitation you can find on the homepage of Dortmund (see links on the right hand side).

We will go there again to defend the challenge cup we won (with 3 other universities) there last time and hope you will join our team.

The rules are nearly the same like in Berlin, only the participation rules for the open class are a little different. So in the open class now blind date is obligatory and you can´t choose the partner by yourself. And if you have to dance in one discipline in the open you are now allowed to dance in the Breitensport in the other. All other rules and informations you can find in the invitation or at the webpage (all in english). All dancing students, university related people or participants in our courses can take part in the tournament. If you want to take part in these great event I (Marion) will collect the registrations soon.

The traveling to Dortmund will be either by plane via Berlin and then with the team of Berlin with Bus or by plane to an airport close to Dortmund. We have to figure that out.


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Next Dance course in September 2007

The next beginners dance course will start in mid of September, so parallel to the semester and will last until christmas. On the beginning of december there will be the university ball and we again want to prepaie our participants for this event. More details will follow when we have found a new room.

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Der Tanzmaus

Now some words about "Der Tanzmaus". The dance mouse is over 20 years old and even the oldes participants of the tournaments can´t remeber when he came to us. The only thing that ist sure is that it was before the tournament become the ETDS. Usually in german it would be "die Maus", so a female noun, but already years ago we decided that it must be a male mouse, because the clouth it was wearing a female being would never turn on. So it became "Der Maus", unfortunately this is not really transferable to english.

This week he made his first flight experiences from Berlin to Tallinn (Estonia) and now he is sitting besides me while I´m writing this lines. Some fotos you can find on the additional pages (Zusatzseiten). He really enjoyed the flight, perhaps because he could come close to one of the stewardesses and he had a window seat.

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Der Tanzmaus/ The dance mouse is in Tartu!!!

Our Team for the University of Tartu who went to the ETDS in Berlin was very successfull and we had a lot of fun from friday to monday (whitsun 07). Besides the competition for couples there is also the team match and the best team wins the trophy: Der Tanzmaus/The dance mouse. Our team merged for this match together with Regensburg, Karlsruhe and Zürich and formed "The Fantastic Four". And from 19 teams we were the best and won the team match with 5,6 points distance to Berlin. The trophy first flow with me to Tartu and will travel further to the other universities of the team until we have to defend the mouse in October in Dortmund. But now from the beginning.

On friday the 25th we went by bus to Tallinn, with easyjet to Berlin Schönefeld and there with Tram to the Velodrom, where the tournament actually took place. The sleeping hall was close by in a school. Luckily we arrived before the big thunderstorm and staid dry.

At the blind date party in the evening Kaia found two partners for the tournament, Olaf (Dortmund) for ballroom on saturday and Martin (Karlsruhe) for the latin section ond sunday. Uli and me also found partners for the open ballroom tournament. This class is for all dancers who have danced regular tournaments before. And all danced the whole evening. The last went at 5am to bed and the tournament started at 9am saturday morning with ballroom. Now we had 3 couples for Tartu in the tournament and Uli was judging today one part of it. Until noon all 166 dance couples from 31 Universities went through the qualification round to be divided into 3 groups for the following tournaments. Gunnar and Irina danced through the Amateur class up to the quater final (16th-17th). That´s a fantastic performance because both started dancing 2,5 month ago. Congratulation!!! They got better and better from round to round.

Lembit with Lilja reaches in the highest group (masters) the 10th to 12th place. Wow, congratulation to you, too. I remember someone said something like:" No, I´m not so good we won´t come very far." Ok, so far to that understatement, Lilja. You too left 144 couples behind you and reached the semifinal. And starting in Tango with one figure and each round adding one isn´t so bad, is it Irina?

And Kaia, didn´t I told you that blind date is fun and you are one of the best? Just look at the result in the qualification round: Within the first 7 best couples. Ok in the end you reached the quaterfinal with the 18th to 20th place, but thats great for blind date and really really remarkeble.If Olaf closes his feet in slow waltz and corrects some other things you both would have been even in the semifinal as well.

The bad taste party in the evening was great. All these horrible cloth and these old old party songs. Lembit, where did you found these flashy hat?

On sunday I was judging most of the time and Uli and me danced one round in the open standard with our blind date partners and than continued supporting our team. Gunnar and Irina reached the 29th to 30th place in the amateur group and the others came to the masters, so the division after the qualification round latin was the same like saturday. Lilja and Lembit got to the quater final and reached the 14th to 15th place and Kaia danced with Martin up to the semifinal. There was only one small problem. In the semifinal there has to be danced also samba and paso doble. For Kaia no problem, but Martin had never danced Paso before.

So we just tought him 3 figures, a start and a highlight position and the basics in technic within 20 minutes. And the result wasn´t so bad. for the second Paso in his life it was really tolerable and with Kaia on his side nothing could go wrong. Kaia you are great. And you reached the 10th to 11th place from 153 couples, hats off!!

After the ball at sunday evening and at least a little sleep we left the tournament hall on monday morning and had a little sightseeing before going back to Tartu. It was a fantastic weekend with the Tartu team and thanks to all of you. You were great!! And don´t forget the after party on thursday at my place.

The next ETDS will be held in Dortmund (05. - 08.10.07) and we will go there to defend the dance mouse. New participants are wellcome. Just contact me via the blog.

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